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Sunday March 3, 2024


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Personal Planner - 'Wait A While' Trust
'Wait A While' Trust
Bill and Clara were talking to their attorney Susan about gifts for their family. Clara: "It may be time to start the inheritance process. Our children are now ages 35,...
Savvy Living - Dividing Personal Possessions Without Dividing the Family
Dividing Personal Possessions Without Dividing the Family
Do you have any suggestions on how to divide my personal possessions after I die without causing conflict? I want to leave my jewelry, art, family heirlooms and antique furniture to my children...
Washington News - Many Taxpayers Benefit From "Where's My Refund?"
Many Taxpayers Benefit From "Where's My Refund?"
The latest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Time Guide highlights the popular use by taxpayers of the "Where’s My Refund?" tool. Tax-filing is in high gear and the IRS issues millions of tax refunds each week. Taxpayers are flocking to the IRS website to use the "Where’s My Refund?" tool. This tool has three main sections. First, a taxpayer can confirm that his or her return has been received. The second stage is for the IRS to approve the return. The third step is for a tax refund to be issued, if applicable. Millions of taxpayers anticipate receiving a...
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